Monday, 26 March 2007

Datacentre UPS

I now have quotes for one possible UPS for the data centre, a modular product from UPS Power

We have specified 200kVA starting point, N+1, obviously with a battery autonomy of 20 minutes, more than adequate time for the generators to get up to operating temperature and ready to be on load.

The solution consists of three 100kVA inverters plus independent chargers for the battery strings and such. It also allows us to hot add inverters, chargers and battery strings as the demand increases which is excellent as many UPSs don't allow hot dock of inverters running in parallel mode.

While the quotation included transfer/bypass control gear and battery cabinets, it was exclusive of the batteries and I am glad I was sitting down. However we have decided it is within ballpark of what we had budgeted and have placed an order.

As I am sure you can appreciate power sustainability and availability is key to service delivery and that is what we are aiming for, 100pc delivery.