Friday 23 March 2007

Generators and Aggreko

Having decided March is the month of facilities, as I'm sure you've already seen, we have been on the trail of UPS and air-conditioning suppliers.

One of the options on the table was Aggreko where we are currently having discussions about two times 200kVA generators and three Freecool chillers plus control gear and air handlers etc.

Once we got past the telesales folks the chaps in Belfast have been Stirling, quickly producing quotes and advising on product set. We have also allocated space for 72 hours of on-site diesel storage and a managed re-fuelling service to ensure we have the fuel in the event of a local or more national disaster. We have had to pay a little more for the service to up our priority to just below "life support services" (Hospitals, emergency services etc) putting us on par with BT etc in terms of delivery. This will provide excellent service availability in the event of grid issues and continued fuel supply in all but the most severe of disasters!