Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Eltek -48V DC Rectifier / Supply

As I am sure many of you are aware, much of our equipment is powered from -48V DC, often referred to as telco supply. Some is AC powered but almost all is available with -48V DC supplies and some (Cisco 7206 for example) is available with both.

Because we have small pop sites and larger data centres the power requirement and sustainability is varied. For example we will be running pop sites on purely -48V DC with a 72 hour sustainability and the data centre will be generator, ups and utility mains fed. However we still need to get utility power to -48V for battery charging and actually running the kit.

We were looking at various suppliers, but today Eltek came up trumps with their new Flatpack range of rectifiers and system monitors. The chassis are all N+1 on the rectifiers, fully hot swappable and expandable too and at a quite excellent price. Also their turn around on quotations was speedy, which is refreshing at the moment. Looks like we have a deal!