Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Server Backup Nas's

Finally we've made a decision and taken delivery of our NAS boxes for the local infrastructure backups from Infrant Technologies.

We decided on the ReadyNas 1100 which is an excellent price point for 3Tb of storage and utilising EMC Retrospect multi server edition we can run hourly point in time snapshots of the SQL databases and logs and also the other "infrastructure" data that we need backed up on a very regular basis.

The device performance is excellent, running Raid 5, giving us 2.25Tb of usable disk space, we estimate to be able to hold nearly six months of point in time backups and it is writing via a single backup server managing job schedules and such at 350Mb/s to disk. Excellent.
Backups will be held either in London or Leeds, we haven't decided on the final location yet and we may actually buy a second set and run mirrors of the backup set for complete resiliency..