Sunday, 3 June 2007

Belfast Property Search

Currently sitting in a coffee shop in the Malone area using their free wi-fi! It's quite scary how much work you can get done when you start at 8am at your place of work and don't sleep until 9 then have a shower etc.

We've already toured a number of areas and some a terribly business unsuitable to be honest. We've put 55 miles on the hire car which isn't bad going for driving around sites, industrial and office parks since 9am.

Unfortunately our chosen estate agent for the day has managed to prevent us actually getting into any of the sites we are supposed to be seeing. The landlord failed to delivery the keys for the first one, the second he brought a massive bunch of keys with him, but none fitted and the third was just hopeless when you got there. Technically it was great, right next to our carriers' pop, but was disgusting, rubbish everywhere and smelt disgusting.

We are heading to look at more now, and will post more later.


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