Tuesday, 10 July 2007

BT Wireless Service for Belfast

Hmm, I read this morning BT have been flexing the corporate bank balance again and providing over-priced hotspots in Belfast.

While my initial reation was "sausages" (or similar) I've come to the conclusion that is fine. BT will spend a fortune on advertising and raise the public awareness. Then we will bowl in with a solution at half the price, keeping all you lovely folks very happy indeed!

Story below, credit BBC.

Belfast to become a wireless city

Wi-fi connections are becoming more commonBelfast is about to become a wireless city, promising surfing at the touch of a button in the park, bus or street.
BT engineers have completed the installation of wi-fi equipment in the city, following similar schemes in other UK cities.
When the technology is fully live, it will enable people to access high speed wireless broadband from a wide range of locations, the company said.
The move has been welcomed by Belfast City Council.



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