Wednesday 4 July 2007

Day 2 property hunting

Ok, after another productive day, we've seen both of our top two properties.

As expected, one is a really nice business park, extremely well maintained and such, and externally looks excellent. However the unit we viewed is very dated inside, and we suspect we would have to spend probably in the order of 10k on the inside to bring it up to scratch. It’s also technically less than ideal having a smaller incoming power supply than the other unit.

The second one is in a major office / industrial area, with a modern mezzanine / office space, with windows overlooking the lower floor where our equipment will be located. It’s quite new, relatively clean (nothing a lick of paint will not fix) and had good facilities for generation and air conditioning. It also has plenty of surrounding business which could well be you! We have to get agreement to place our generator at the rear of the unit yet, but as soon as that is done, we will be signing on it!

Its a refreshing change to view sites with the landlords, rather than the estate agents to be honest as you can find out what they are like and more to the point whether they actually care about their property or are just money grabbing.

As soon as we have a decision regarding the generator and air conditioning we can make a move. Oh and finally this unit also has the added advantage that there are two major carriers already there, and they are ducted down separate sides of the building so we can get a fully resilient wan service with no pinch points and complete diversity. This is excellent news for both ourselves and yourself too!

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