Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Property Viewings

I am currently sitting in the hotel reception waiting for lazy assed Alex to get out of bed so we can view four properties today. He overslept and we are supposed to be 30 miles away through rush hour traffic in 55 minutes!

We have four viewings today and are no doubt going to have all the same issues about bolstering building security, adding substantial air conditioning and standby generators, and re-wiring the whole building etc.

The properties are: one brand new retail / industrial unit, one pair of combined retail / industrial unit which is currently occupied by one company who are going to revert to one unit, one ground floor in a large office complex (an ex call centre) and finally a first floor very presentable office with no lift!

As usual in our good planning, we have the appointments booked an hour apart but two are almost next to each other and the other two are the other side of town. Of course we didn't book the adjacent ones in adjacent hours so there will be much high speed driving around the area.

I will post more when we've seen them.


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