Tuesday 7 August 2007

Property Viewings

Ok, finally home.

Well we've seen all four units, and after spending the weekend driving around to choose them we did it well. All the units are usable and we can deliver services to you folks from them all.

However we do have some favourites. One unit is a dual floor one with plenty of space for the generators and the air-conditioning and outline approval from the agent on the spot. This is currently number one.

Second we have the brand new unit which we met the landlord at, and again seeing it was the landlord we could have answers to all the questions on the spot. The only downside to this unit is that there is no false ceiling in and it will be impossible to climate control the space without, so we have 2000 sqr foot of fire retardant suspended ceiling to install before we go any further. Bugger.

Unit three was the ex call centre and this is pretty good and will be quick to move into, but the power supply is completely inadequate and I am not really sure how they ran that many PCs from the incoming supply.

Finally the first floor office, well it has all the right space for generators and air-con but its not particularly secure and also its first floor and there is no lift, and I don't fancy lugging all the racks up the stairs, so that is number four.

We have sent confirmation emails to all the agents and await their written consent for all the requirements, but have not turned any of the properties down yet, having been burnt on this previously.

As soon as we have a response from at least number one and two, we will get them to produce outline contracts and get our WAN circuit orders in. Hopefully this will be during this week with a bit of luck.


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