Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Awaiting the Estate Agent for a site meet

I am currently sitting in our nasty little hire car (made of excess Tupperware it would seem) for the estate agent at the site.

Due to a complete **** up this morning, Alex was delayed by 5 hours. He is adamant it was an accident that caused him to miss the flight, but I think he had too much beer last night and missed the plane personally!

Anyhow the upshot is we didn't get here until after 1pm and the site was empty as the current occupants all had to leave to do some work, so some of the planning we wanted to do with regard technical services we won't be able to complete as we can't get in.

However, we have diagrammed up the utility services and outside space to put formal drawings together (as finally requested by the owner) for the generators and air con condensers. Once we have done this we are informed things will move along... About blooming time..

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