Monday, 3 September 2007

Delivery of the Air Conditioning

Today we took delivery of our data centre air conditioning. We have gone N+1 on the air con, and have two complete Mitsubishi VRF systems We chose this kit as it allows us to go "Green" by re-using the waste heat from the data centre to heat the offices in the same building. We may even go as far as selling / giving surplus heat away to the adjacent buildings as it costs us nothing (in energy) to do so. The kit allows transfer of heat from extract units and supply to demand units via a BC controller.
Currently we have 12 ceiling cassettes, 3 wall units, 2 BC's and 2 condensors and are awaiting delivery of the building controller to interface all the kit together. Its like cable city looking at the wiring diagrams for it, as it runs from a data bus around all the units and each unit is addressable over a two wire none polarised connection.

Looks like a right deal of fun for the installers!


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