Wednesday 5 September 2007

Meeting with our Leased Line Provider

After the estate agent meeting which went really well, and he is very positive, we had an hour with our leased line provider.

It was an off the cuff meeting in the local hostelry, in which I am sure we will be setting up an account over time!

Anyhow, we chewed over speed of delivery and some existing services they have in progress for us in London, resilience options and various other matters. I have to say I like the blokes attitude, and hopefully we can work together on a more personal level now we have finally met face to face. Its amazing how much time we have spent on the phone and pushing emails and paper around over the past few months (for other Nirenet business, but not related to this site) and have never met! Its just a shame we were flying back that night and both had to drive to the airport and them drive from our local airports home, otherwise he could have given his company expense card a bit of a bashing and bought the beer!


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